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October 19, 2020
"Took car of everything in less than a day!"
After the check engine light came on in my car last week (10/11/20) , I took it to the dealership for diagnosis and repair. The dealership advised I had a defective oxygen sensor and a hole in the exhaust. However, they did not have the proper part to fix the problem and suggested I try their exhaust shop. This was on 10/17/20. The shop in question was not open until Monday. I decided instead to give Meineke a try as I knew the name from TV and radio ads. Not only was I able to bring my car in that, but the shop (located at 970 E Parham Rd in Richmond,VA) had me diagnosed within 4 hours and completed the repair the same day. When they called to inform me my car was ready, it was shortly before they closed for the day. But rather than make me wait, the associate, a wonderful man named Keith, took my payment over the phone and then advised my invoice and keys would be locked inside the car and I could pick it up at my convenience. I did so on Sunday 10/18 and the car is working just fine now. Meineke did a great job and I was very impressed how quickly everything was done. Plus, they found out the oxygen sensor was fine, it was just the issue with the exhaust itself that needed to be fixed. When I need car care again, I will likely be skipping the dealership and using Meineke's services again.
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September 12, 2019
"Great local service in Loveland, ohio"
Great local service. The Meineke car care center in Loveland a long Montgomery Road is managed by a fellow named Dave, who goes the extra mile. He is knowledgeable, a great diagnostician, and very accommodating. He drove me home and picked me up after finding some very dangerous situations when I went in just for oil And an annoying rattle coming from the engine. He has always been great and understanding and knowledgeable. My wife and I have continued to use him for years. Use him for years, And will continue to do so.
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